Edwards Trucking and Excavation, LLC

Middle Tennessee’s Finest Topsoil!

About Us

“Our goal has always been simple. To provide the highest quality topsoil and red clay at the best prices in town. If I wouldn’t put it in my yard, I won’t bring it to yours.” – Chris Edwards, Owner/Operator

For years, we have been the leading source of high-quality topsoil and red clay in the Nashville and surrounding Middle Tennessee areas. Call us today at 615-406-4912

Our Services

Our trucks will deliver your order to you anywhere that you need it. We are proud to offer both full truckloads as well as half truckloads to meet all of your needs. No matter how much you need, from one truckload to 100 truckloads, you can depend on Edwards Trucking and Excavation, LLC. to deliver your topsoil and red clay on time. We give you the best product available at a great price!